De Rode Antraciet VZW

De Rode Antraciet vzw is a non-profit expert organization for implementing both sport and culture within the prison sector in Flanders and Brussels, as participation (with)in both sports and cultural activities is a right for all.
De Rode Antraciet is a partner organization within the ‘Flemish Strategic Plan for prisoners’ of the Flemish government and has a management agreement with the ministers of Culture, Sport and Wellbeing.

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Fit@Cell workouts available for European prisoners

In 2004, we published the book ‘Fitness between walls’, especially tailored for prisoners. In 2016, we launched the DVD Fit@Cell: a new programme to promote sports and exercise in the cell. Four years later, encouraged by the consequences of corona, we made all the workouts of Fit@Cell available for European prisoners.

Spring 2020: to stop the spreading of the coronavirus disease, we decided to cancel all our activities in prisons indefinitely. We followed the measures and instructions of the authorities and adapted the way we operate as good as possible. Not without looking for alternative ways of bringing culture and sports in prison however. One way is the DVD Fit@Cell, published in 2016, but in these times a key tool for keeping prisoners active.

The DVD allows prisoners to put together their own workout and includes several warm ups, upper body exercises, lower body exercises, cool downs and sporting tips. The detainee can choose his/her own level (beginner – advanced – expert) and then composes his/her own training. The big advantage of the Fit@Cell DVD is that the workouts can also be used by persons who are lacking language proficiency or speak a foreign language.

Hence the current decision to share the workouts through our European network. That way, prisoners in all European prisons can use the exercises to stay fit during a time in which group activities are impossible. The workouts can be downloaded on the website of EuroPris (The European Organisation of Prison and Correctional Services).