The SPPF consortium developed different pilot projects /learning areas in 5 European partner countries. 


All our learning areas have in common the intention to use sport as a channel to the world outside and as a way to make social impact; to structure and purposefulness and an approach adjusted to the needs and potentials of people participating, of infrastructure in a specific prison and of local and national prison system rules and settings.

Each learning area has been developed, tested and implemented within a period of one year. Prisoners, prison staff, volunteers, sport federations/ organizations/clubs and other stakeholders played an active role in developing, testing and implementing these pilot projects.

Our aim is to provide prisoners with opportunities to find the mental oxygen to restore faith in themselves and in others, to work on a positive self-image and a valuable identity perception, as well as to improve their relational competences and connections with the community outside prison walls.  We draw lessons from the structured and purposeful activities with the aim to develop their talents, to strengthen their relationships with others, battle social isolation and create support networks that will provide new opportunities for them to live a life of desistance and to make a positive impact to their surroundings. 

Our innovations were tested in circumstances less than favourable, since the project period coincided with Covid-19 pandemic, and there were many uncertainties and obstacles we had to overcome. However, main lessons learned : commitment to the sport as a bridge for prisoners to the world outside, openness to thinking outside the box and proactive and cooperative approach to all relevant stakeholders will accomplish a lot, even in the extreme circumstances, when access to prison is limited and when material and human resources are scarce.

For many of the countries involved in the SPPF consortium, the approach was really new and innovative. For most of the partners new relationships, connections and experiences had to be built, some partners could rely on existing networks and contacts. 

SPPF – projects across Europe (learning areas)


  • Thai Boxing for adolescents and young adults
  • Adapted physical activity in Sollicciano and Gozzini, Florence


  • Going for Goals (Hasselt Prison)
  • ‘Start to coach’. Become a football coach outside the prison walls. (Beveren)
  • Boxing Project (Forest Prison)
  • Bridge inside outside for sport and culture (Antwerp Prison)


  • Badminton – Stara Zagora Prison


  • Circular training in Turopolje Educational Institution


  • Naoberschap FC Emmen Inside’ in the PI Veenhuizen




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