PR 3: ‘Building bridges through sport. A Guide for Practitioners’

Building bridges through sport-web

The objective of the SPPF project was to develop a European guide for good practice on sport programmes in a prison context with the connection to the ‘outside world.

This guide is created to help people working and living in prisons use sports as a tool to create social impact and bridge the gap between the inside and outside world (“through the gate support”).

Prison administrations, prison staff, education personnel, social organizations and those in the voluntary sector can use this guide to establish “through the gate” sports projects.

This guide provides various development strategies, evaluation examples, practical models, tips and lessons they can use to organize good sports programs to bridge the gap between prison and the world outside prison walls.

This document will be applicable to other countries, prisons and target groups. Prisons and sports federations, organisations and clubs can take inspiration from the examples and apply a ‘pick and mix’ approach. Therefore, a toolkit of different case studies, templates and ideas can provide the necessary inspiration for innovative practices aimed at improving the quality of life of prisoners and creating a social impact on prisoners, ex-prisoners and their immediate social environment.

This publication was made possible by a collaboration between De Rode Antraciet vzw (coordinator/Belgium), Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti (UISP APS/Italy), Sdrujenie Obedineni profesionalisti za ustoichivo razvitie (UPSDA/ Bulgaria), Udruga za kreativni socijalni rad (UKSR/Croatia) and Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (DJI/The Netherlands) and the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB/Belgium) as part of the SPPF (‘Sports in Prison. A Plan for the Future.) Erasmus+ EU project.



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