The aim of this ‘State of play’ is to map and analyse existing good/learning practices across Europe that facilitate ‘sport plus’ or ‘plus sport’ activities within prisons, and/or provide ‘through the gate support’.

Mapping of existing practices will be conducted on the basis of :

  • Review of the literature relevant documents concerning ‘sport plus’, ‘plus sport’ and ‘through the gate support’ in prison will be gathered and analysed.

A search strategy will target (inter)national research reports and articles and relevant policy documents on international, European and local level, the internet, national and international databases, ministries, previous projects about ‘sport plus’, ‘plus sport’, and ‘through the gate support’ in prison, and knowledgeable others (i.e. experts in the field). The goal is to cover not only the European countries involved in the SPPF-project, but to provide a European broad overview.

  • Online survey

Besides a literature review, an online survey will be developed to gain insight into the different practices that exist across prisons in Europe. The survey will be addressed to prison staff, sport and non-sport providers in Europe. It will be distributed through the networks of the SPPF-partner organisations, but also through the networks of the EPEA (European Prison Education Sports in Prison, a Plan for the Future /SPPF Page 22 of 50 Association) and Europris.

This information will provide essential input for the development, testing and implementation of the learning/practice areas. The results will be documented in a European report.

The survey has been translated in partner’s national languages. The VUB will use Qualtrics as a platform to put the questions online.

The final STATE OF PLAY IN PRISONS ACROSS EUROPE: IDENTIFICATION OF SPORTS BASED ACTIVITIES report will be distributed among all partners, potential interested professionals and policy makers.