The general objective of this intellectual output is to provide policy recommendations about sports- and through the gate support programs in prison. It will mobilize all the relevant stakeholders on identifying areas for advancing sports as a tool within a prison context and on creating policy recommendations for their joint work in the future.

The most important innovative element of this project is consistent with its main theme (Sports in Prison, a Plan for the future) and includes active involvement of ex-prisoners and participation during multiplier events with the other stakeholders (e.g. professionals from the prison and probation systems, policy-makers, representatives of the sport community and advocacy organisations).

The policy inputs from programme evaluations and from research remain rare and unevenly spread among types of sport programs in prisons. While there are some specific policy inputs related to the restorative justice and arts and media programs in prisons, the importance of sport activities and their social impact is either ignored or mentioned in very general terms, without specific measures, deadlines or resources. Our intention is to introduce innovative ways of analysis and planning during the multiplier events, in the workshops where all the stakeholders will have opportunity.