PRISONERS on the move: ( 2011)  The European Project “Prisoners on the move, move into sport, move through sport.”
The pilot project ‘Prisoners on the move’ started in January 2011 with financial support from the Directorat-General Education and Culture of the European Commission. The project is part of the preparatory actions in the field of sport. The ‘Rode Antraciet vzw’ is coordinating this project involving 12 partners from six different EU Member States in order to investigate how inclusion can be enhanced through sports.
You can read the final report of the project ‘Prisoners on the move .
In addition to the report, here are the links to:
Social inclusion, sport and the prison – Theoretical framework Prisoners on the move Annex_1_-_Social_inclusion_sport_and_the_prison_VUB,
Sport and physical activity in European prisons: a perspective from sport personnel Annex_2_-_Sport_and_physical_activity_in_european_prisons_UVEG,
Sport state profiles of the ‘Prisoner on the Move’ EU-project countries Annex_3_-_Sport_landscapes_FROS,
Sports & Detention from the perspective of the organized sports sector Annex_4_-_Detention__sports_in_the_countries_FROS,
Move into sport, move through sport! Annex_5_-_Research_VUB_and_ICES,
Making the documentary ‘Free To Play’ Annex_6_-_Free_To_Play,
Prisoners on the move Feedback and recommendations by Sport and Citizenship Annex_7_-_Recommandations_Sport_and_Citizenship.
Prisoners on the move website here
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