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Still moving prison(er)s

After the project ‘prisoners on the move’ funded by the European Commission (DG education and culture that ended in 2012) and the Pan European Conference of the Council of Europe (EPAS, June 2014) the network is now still up and running. A part from the results of the former project, the platform will now be used to collect and share practices on sport in prison.

De Rode Antraciet will initiate the process, by putting several of their ‘sport-plus’ practices online in the next months (autumn 2015).

Sport-plus implies that these practices create an added value and do more than sporttechnical enhancement.

In a short template all the necessary details will be shared for inspiring others.

More countries are invited to share their practices, in a simple one-page template.

A new approach

While the project ‘prisoners on the move: move into sport, move through sport!’ has ended in June 2012, the network around the topic is still moving.potm-1

Therefore, the need for a virtual platform on the topic ‘sport in prison’ is now more relevant than ever. As former project leader, De Rode Antraciet wishes to furthermore contribute to this growing, learning platform by sustaining what we have gathered and sharing it all online.

By changing the angle of our website, our goal is gathering as much existing information as possible on this platform and disseminate where possible. This means that your research, good/bad/best practices, contacts, projects, calls, … concerning ‘sport in prison’ can be published here.

The goal is however not to become an extra social media forum, but purely practical gather objective data. In this way, we want to provide the opportunity for each person, organisation, administration or country to adapt data to existing needs, their own context, priorities, … We wish to encourage new experiments and pilot programs that can lead to ‘practice based evidence’, without losing energy in finding approaches/patterns/templates that can be adapted.

This new approach depends mainly on external input. We therefore call upon everyone that has an approach/template/pattern to share (from practical to theoretical).

Sharing practices needs investment, before returning new inspirations. We hope that you will find the time to write down the main principles and preconditions that made your practice good or bad.

To motivate you, we have gathered some of the strategies and methodologies we apply in our setting in Flanders/Belgium in the publication ‘Bound by prison, free in sport’ which you can download from this website.

Hoping this new approach will be an inspirationCIMG2611 (4) (Kopie)

for creating chances on successful social inclusion

in and through sport…

Kris Hermans

De Rode Antraciet vzw

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